Open Access to the JRC Nanobiotechnology Laboratory. The 2020 call is out!


Apply now to access the JRC Nanobiotechnology Laboratory


The JRC continues to make its labs and facilities open to scientists and researchers from private and public sectors.

New call now open for the JRC's Nanobiotechnology Laboratory, featuring state-of-the-art equipped facilities designed to foster interdisciplinary studies.

A special emphasis lies on characterisation of nanomaterials, micro-nanoplastics, nanomedicines, advanced materials and their interactions with biological systems, as well as on the detection, identification and characterisation of nanomaterials in food and consumer products.

The JRC facilitates access to the Nanobiotechnology laboratory in the relevance-driven mode:

·       Payment of additional costs are waived, excluding consumables and expenses

·       Support to travel and subsistence of Users: the JRC can support travel and subsistence costs for Users from User Institutions located in countries eligible for the Widening actions under the Horizon 2020.


Please check the call in detail and submit your proposal by 8 January 2021 to 

Feel free to contact the research infrastructure at to assess feasibility aspects related to the capacity of the research infrastructure.