Working Group Chairs

Yuri Bruinen de Bruin
Yuri Bruinen de Bruin, PhD
Short biography: 

I have 20 years of experience working in academia, and research and policy-supporting organisations in the field of public and environmental health, safety and security. I have experience in exposure and risk assessment, management and governance related to chemical and biological agents and materials, stakeholder consultation, need assessments, strategy building, global foresight and mega trend analysis, the development of national action plans and setting up of training and capacity-building programs in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

My work incorporates coordination, planning, management, provision of research, technical and policy support, capacity-building, teaching, participation to working groups, prioritization, research and policy support. Daily work consists of a high degree of teamwork consulting other's ideas, competencies and skills. Individual achievements existed, but end-results are commonly the result of a group process. My work involves communication via dialogues with stakeholders as scientists, policy-makers, industry, NGO's and the public-at-large.