ISES Europe Nominations and elections for the Board. 

The ISES Europe Chapter is holding nominations and elections for the Board

There are a variety of voluntary roles including councilor and other leadership roles. All positions are two year terms. 

Below is a list of leadership opportunities:

President (2-year term, beginning 2022):

  • Promotes good functioning of the Society
  • Chair board meetings
  • Represent board at various occasions/meetings (e.g. ISES Global, ISES Regional Chapters meetings, external meetings)
  • Priority setting for the society (e.g. vision, member numbers, new business model for income generation, etc.)

Treasurer (2 year term, beginning 2022):

  • Administration of society bank account
  • Membership fees and financial bookkeeping (incl. tax declarations)
  • Track membership and other financial processes with assistance from association management firm
  • Align with ISES Global to track membership disbursement and other financial reporting
  • Assist with sponsorship and donor management

Councilor—European Strategy on Exposure Science (2 year term, beginning 2022):

  • Development and publication of European Strategy on Exposure Science and Roadmap 2020-2030
  • Continuously advance on the society’s strategic mission and vision for exposure science
  • Boost and monitor strategy implementation
  • integration of exposure science into strategic regulatory EU developments (e.g. Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability)
  • Responsible for content and planning of the annual meetings

Councilor—Relations, Outreach and Communication (2 year term, beginning 2022):

  • Contact point ISES Global Regional Chapters Committee
  • Communication and representation to the ISES Global Board
  • Internal and external relationship building and networking
  • Representation and communication to stakeholder groups
  • Liaison to sister societies (SETAC, SRA, SOT, NVT, BTS)
  • Provide input for website, membership outreach, etc.
  • Provide input for communication via Social media (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn)

Councilor—Exposure Science Capacity Building, Training and Education (2 year term, beginning 2022):

  • Contributing to capacity building in exposure science
  • Development, implement and monitor progress European Program for education, training and certification of Exposure Science
  • Accomplish recognition Exposure Science Training via networking with European Universities and certificate awarding bodies
  • Development of online training and awarded modules 
  • Align with ISES (global) website on training and education activities
  • Student counselling and mentorship
  • Membership development


Please email Jos Bessems, Yuri Bruinen de Bruin, or Urs Schluter if you are interested in volunteering to run for one of these positions.