New publication from ISES Europe: Towards further harmonization of a glossary for exposure science—an ISES Europe statement

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The use of aligned exposure science terminology is crucial for ease of comparison and appropriate interpretation of exposure information, regulatory reports, and scientific publications. Sometimes the use of different terminology in different contexts and areas of exposure science results in diverging interpretations of the same descriptor. During the development of the European strategy for exposure science, the need was identified to agree on a defined terminology requiring an evaluation of the commonly used terms, synonymous uses, and their relationships between each other. This paper presents the first steps in compiling the most important exposure-related terms from existing guidance documents and publications for exposure and risk assessment and adapting them to be useful for different contexts and areas. This initial step is intended to trigger discussion on terminology among exposure scientists around the globe and across regulatory and methodological silos. The glossary itself is intended as a living document to be hosted by the International Society for Exposure Science.